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Not valid with other offers or discounts. One use per day per offer. One use per table (where applicable). Only valid at participating locations. Coupons are collected upon use (where applicable).
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Must be buy one get one or specified dollar amount
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Must be buy one get one or specified dollar amount
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By checking this box you acknowledge that you are authorizing Powerhouse Fundraising to make your offers available on any of the chosen media to those supporting our fundraisers at the locations listed until the specified expiration date. You agree to honor the offer(s) as written until the date of expiration. Powerhouse Fundraising does not guarantee that your offer(s) will be placed on any specific product. Powerhouse Fundraising will attempt to contact you via email and/or by phone to inform you of the media placement of your offer(s). You agree to allow Powerhouse Fundraising the rights to use all provided logos, designs and photos for the purpose of promoting the offers provided and also agree to hold Powerhouse Fundraising harmless for any disputes arising from the promotional usage of the same. PRIVACY POLICY: Powerhouse Fundraising will not sell or share your information with any organization not directly affiliated with Powerhouse Fundraising unless required by law.